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Our department will oversee the completion of your entire project. We’ve been a part of the printing business for over 35 years. Together with our print partners, we are able to provide you everything from digital runs to high-end four colour projects.

Printing Supplies Division

Competitive Advantages

We are the largest national distributor of printing supplies. Our global resources, extensive intercompany collaboration and exclusive dealer focus allow us to offer tailored solutions to provide the best services and products including diverse colors and high-quality printing effects meeting the needs of clients.

Market Programs

Get the best bracket pricing with minimal inventory to help you grow your market share.

Nationwide Distribution

The products are distributed to clients, dealers and wholesalers in all governorates of the Republic of Yemen

Dedicated Service Team

Enhance your operations with advice and guidance from professionals with extensive experience developing and practical solutions.


Offset Printing Supplies

We  supply a full array of offset graphic art supplies, consumables, computer-to-plate and press equipment to the offset printing industry.


Digital Printing

Offset Printing


Our Products

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يرجي تعبئة الحقول المطلوبة والتي عليها اشارة( *)
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