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Welcome to Dar Al-Hikma Al-Yamania Website

Dar Al-Hikma Al-Yamania was founded in 1980 as a specialist in Electricity Products, Telecommunications Products, Paper & Pulp, Stationery and book distributor and has since concentrated on supplying the best quality in the world.

At Dar Al-Hikma Al-Yamania we are very proud of our growth and development since our inception over decades ago.



We pride ourselves in having the necessary experience and knowledge to provide our customers with products for their requirements. All of Dar Al-Hikma Al-Yamania's services are available from depots across Yemen. Fully trained personnel are available to provide product information, and delivering for all types of the products.


We will advance our leadership position in the distribution by continuously innovating our value proposition, and to continuously earn our customers respect as their best supplier and service for the Electricity products, Telecommunications Products, Paper & Pulp, Stationery and Educational Material. We will do this in a manner rewarding to our customers, employees, suppliers, distributors, and community, all of whom have a stake in our


Amongst the service and product sectors offered by Dar Al-Hikma Al-Yamania are:

Electricity Product, Telecommunications Products, Water and Water Purification, Paper & Pulp, Stationery, and Book Distribution ..

For full details please visit the appropriate Department at our website.



Dar Al-Hikma Al-Yamania currently employs 35 people and has been profitable every year since its formation.


At the headquarters, Dar Al-Hikma Al-Yamania supports the sales force with exceptional customer service; each of our Departmental Managers is backed by a trained Customer Service Representative, all of whom work closely with our expert Department to deliver the superior quality for which Dar Al-Hikma Al-Yamania has become known. To learn more about Dar Al-Hikma Al-Yamania, or to schedule a meeting with Dar Al-Hikma Al-Yamania Departmental Manager, Please contact us, or contact the appropriate Department.


Thank you, our customers, for your continued use of At Dar Al-Hikma Al-Yamania's services.


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