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Dar Al-Hikma Al-Yamania was established in 1980 to refer various harms that face all schools, Institutes, Universities and parents. We realized that school, Institutes, Universities and classroom obligations mean that it is very difficult for teachers to find the time to see representatives from all the most important publishers. Apart from this the needs of schools, Institutes, Universities and individual pupils especially, can vary enormously. Our point is to offer a wide choice of books and resources from all relevant publishers and to offer expert and independent advice on choosing them. In addition to supplying books we also have other enormous, fun systems of promoting them!

At Dar Al-Hikma Al-Yamania we are dedicated to a simple viewpoint; that excellent books are an essential part of children's personal alertness and educational growth. From an early age children are weak to what can be the harmful effects of the media; advertising, television and films especially, tend to work on the principle that all children have the same needs.


Dar Al-Hikma Al-Yamania works hard to bring books to life and to support literacy and arts further than its remit as a one-stop book distributor and resource centre for teachers, and prepared a full equipped hall for Teachers and school, Institutes, & University owners to select the suitable educational material to their schools, Institutes, & University.

Please feel free to visit our Hall and you will get satisfied our services.

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At Dar Al-Hikma Al-Yamania we are committed to providing a comprehensive and professional service and we welcome your feedback and questions so that we can constantly update and improve our services. If you have any questions about us or the services we offer please contact us by post, telephone, fax or e-mail.